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Yes, You Can Hire a Skip for a Day. Here’s How!

Are you doing some much needed renovation work but don’t know how to handle your excess waste? Perhaps it’s only a small job and you only need to hire a skip for a day!

But can you hire a skip just for a day? Of course, you can! Renting and hiring a skip for any length of time is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Don’t let your waste or material disposal be an unnecessary headache. In this article, we will take you through exactly what you need to do to rent a skip for a day. 

Read on to find out all the details and make your life a lot easier!

Why Rent a Skip?

First and foremost, it is the easiest and safest way to dispose of any waste products and materials from your home. This can be from doing simple mid-range clear outs or renovations to larger projects such as room extensions. 

The benefits of hiring a skip are that collection and accumulation of your waste is in one place. This may be on your property or directly next to it.

Once you have completed your project then you simply need to call for it to be collected and taken away.

It means you don’t need to worry about how you are disposing of your waste. If this was something that you were to take on yourself, you would have to make several trips to your nearest waste disposal centre.

This may take hours out of your day and is time-consuming and laborious, on top of your original renovation project or clear out.  

It’s a reliable way to make sure you dispose of your waste correctly, creating less work for you.

It is also a more eco-friendly approach due to the skip waste being taking to a sorting factory. They then can sort out what is recyclable and what needs to be sent to landfill. 

What Size Skip Can I Hire?

Whatever your project is and the scale of it, there will be a correct sized skip for your needs.

There are four skip sizes you can choose from at JMS Ground Services. These range from a 4-yard skip all the way up to a 12-yard skip.

A 4-yard skip is a mini skip, which is for small domestic refurbishments, DIY projects, and small garden clearances. This will hold the equivalent of 30-40 bin bags worth.

If you are planning on just needing a skip for a day, this might be the perfect skip size for you. However, this will depend on the scale of your project and how much waste you are planning to get rid of.

The larger skip versions such as the 8-yard or the 12-yard are compatible with full office clearouts and larger renovation projects. 

The 8-yard skip will be able to hold 60-80 bin bags worth of stuff, the 12-yard will be able to fit between 80-110 bags. 

When speaking to one of our employees they will be able to recommend a size for you, based upon your intended project. 

Hiring a Skip For the Day

The first thing you will need to do is check whether you will need a permit or not. If it is on your private property then that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are intending to place the skip on a public highway you will need to get a permit from your local council.

This isn’t a difficult process, but you need to make sure you have the necessary paperwork ready before the skip arrives.

It can take a few days or up to a week to obtain a permit from your council, depending on processing times and busy periods of the year.

Once that has been sorted, it is simply about arranging the best time for your skip to be dropped off and collected!

Give us a call and speak to one of our employees about your skip requirements. They will be able to advise you on the type of skip you will need and log that for you.

If you only need a skip for a day then that can be easily arranged for your needs and project size. Alternatively, if you need the skip for a longer period of time then that can also be arranged too. 

You can simply arrange a time for your skip to be dropped off and then arrange a time for it to be collected or ring JMS Ground Services when finished.

We come and collect the skip and you won’t need to worry about it being left on your property for a long period of time.

With renovation or clear out projects, you want to be able to get back to normality quicker, and we aim to support you with that. 

The whole process is flexible and easy so that finished with your waste disposal, it can be collected and no longer a concern to you in terms of waste management. 

Hire a Skip: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope you have found this article on how to hire a skip, even for a day! The whole point and benefit with skip hire services is that the scheduling and length of time you need a skip is completely based around your needs.

Even if you only need a skip for a day, that isn’t a problem at all! Simply contact or speak to one of our employees and we can arrange it all for you.

Renovation projects can be stressful and hard work, don’t let waste disposal be another thing to add to your long list of jobs.

If you have any further questions or queries about hiring a skip, why not contact us directly?