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How Many Grab Lorries Do I Need? (And Other Important Questions!)

Have you been thinking about hiring a grab lorry to remove waste from your job site? Do you think you need it but just aren’t sure how it works and what exactly you require?

Well, not to worry. We are here to walk you through the information about how to get the right grab lorry for your needs. 

If you don’t know anything about grab lorries or are asking yourself, ‘Why are trucks called lorries?’ have no fear! You are in safe hands. We are experts in the grab lorry business and we know what we are talking about when it comes to lifting and disposing of industrial waste. 

A grab lorry is the most effective option for fetching and removing waste from all sorts of different work sites. This includes places that are very hard to reach. Unlike a skip, a grab lorry can do a lot of the lifting on its own, saving you time and money.

We have all the information you need to find the right grab lorry and dispose of waste on your work site effectively. So, let’s get to work.

What Is a Grab Lorry?

A grab lorry is a type of truck specially designed to remove waste. It is most often used on worksites where large amounts of industrial waste are present. 

A grab lorry works by using a hydraulic arm to move a large bucket. It also uses a crane to lift waste from outside the bucket and place it in. This allows waste to be more easily and efficiently disposed of since fewer workers are required to move the waste into the bucket. 

Grab lorries are often compared to skip bins, which perform the same function. However, there are important differences between the two.

A skip bin is left at the work site for a period of time while it is filled. It is then picked up and removed by a truck. Often, this process takes a number of days or weeks.

By contrast, a grab lorry is a lot more movable. It can lift debris and other waste from places that are hard to reach. This means that less time and manpower is needed to fill the bucket and get it cleared from the worksite. 

Another major advantage of grab lorries is that they can pick up three times more material than a normal builder’s skip. 

When Are Grab Lorries Useful?

Grab lorries are useful or any kind of worksite or industrial project where large amounts of waste need to be disposed of. 

However, grab lorries are particularly useful in some situations where other equipment cannot be used. They are particularly useful in very tight areas where there is little room to move.

Our grab lorries can fit into places where there is only 11.5ft of access is available. They also require 6 metres of height in order to operate the crane. They are therefore particularly useful in work sites like ground excavations

Grab lorries are also very versatile in the materials that they can collect and dispose of. However, some of the materials they can collect cannot be mixed. This is because they need to be disposed of in different ways.

You can use our grab lorries to collect materials in the following categories:

Muck Away

Muck away is also called inert waste. It is waste that you can send to the landfill without the possibility of environmental damage. It, therefore, includes natural substances such as rock, sand, bricks, wood, clay, and chalk.

Inert Muck

This is recyclable material including rock, soil, and concrete. These materials cannot be mixed with other non-recyclable materials. 

Concrete and Rubble

This includes some of the materials in other categories, such as concrete, bricks, and rock. When lifting waste in this category, you can also include tarmac (but it must be less than 10% of the load).


Tarmac can affect the environment badly and so needs to be picked up on its own. In general, you need to be very careful about the environmental impact of the waste you are disposing of. We can provide you with further guidance on this if necessary. 


This is waste not included in the other categories (although you can add small amounts of materials from other categories to these lifts). For example, green waste, metal, wood, and general waste. 

How Many Grab Lorries Do I Need?

Thinking about grab lorry capacity is going to improve the efficiency of your waste disposal. We operate the largest type of grab truck. 

8-Wheel Lorry

This the largest type of truck – perfect for lifting high-density waste. It can carry up to 16 tons. 

In working out how many grab lorries you will need, you should consider not only the amount of waste you have but also its location.

If you have any questions about how many loads you might need, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Get Lifting!

Waste can build up on a worksite and hurt efficiency. It’s important to get it removed as quickly as possible so that business can get back to normal. Ultimately, this not only saves time but also money. 

To do this, there is no better equipment option than a grab lorry. Grab lorries are incredibly versatile and are a lot more efficient than skip services. You can pick up all kinds of materials and dispose of them safely and cleanly.

So, don’t waste time thinking of ways to dispose of the waste on your job site. Use a grab lorry and get it done the right way! While you’re at it, why not check out other helpful information in our blog and share it with your contacts?