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What Is Skip Hire? Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever hired a skip before?

Skips are essential if you have a lot of waste. They’re an easy way to get rid of your rubbish and can save you a lot of trips to the landfill.

But if you haven’t hired one before, it can seem like a daunting task! You want to make sure you get the right skip for a good price, but if you don’t have much knowledge that can be hard to do.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, check out our guide to skip hire. 

What’s Skip Hire?

Skip hire is ideal for both domestic and commercial waste. If you have a lot of rubbish, say from a renovation project, you can hire an open-top skip. You can then chuck all of your waste into the skip as and when you need to.

Once your skip is full, the company you hired it from – such as JMS Ground Services – will come and take it away. With a skip, getting rid of your junk has never been easier!

If you’re wondering what’s a skip? It’s essentially a giant metal bin. Skips come in different sizes and are open-top. They sit by your home or construction site, letting you throw your waste straight in without hassle. 

Why Would You Need a Skip?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rent a skip. For example, if you’re doing a lot of house renovations you could use a skip for old furniture, carpets, and building materials. Skips are also great if you’re doing a lot of garden work, letting you get rid of all the waste easily.

If you’re moving house and having a clearout, a skip can make the process a lot simpler. It’ll definitely save you plenty of trips to the landfill, and you won’t have to worry about getting rid of your junk. Leave that part to us!

Skips are also used frequently in commercial works, such as construction. They let you clear up as you go, keeping your site clean without wasting time on trips to landfills. 

Skips save you time and money, as well as ensuring your waste is disposed of safely. Once you’ve used a skip container to get rid of your waste, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!

The Types of Skips You Can Hire

There are plenty of different waste skip sizes that come at different costs. Make sure you know what’s available so you can get the size you need. At JMS, we offer four different skip sizes.

4 Yard Skip

This is the smallest skip you’ll find, and it’s ideal for small domestic projects. If you’re having a small clearout or landscaping a little garden, this is a perfect size. It’ll hold between 30-40 bin bags.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip is still small but will store around 50-60 bin bags. If you’re refurbishing your home, this is a great choice and will be able to take a lot of old household items and building waste. It’s also good for smaller construction works and commercial projects.

8 Yard Skip

Holding between 60-80 bin bags, the 8-yard skip is the most popular on offer. It’s perfect for general construction works and will be ideal for large home improvement projects. 

12 Yard Skip

The biggest skip on offer is the 12-yard skip – and it’s huge! If you’ve got a lot of waste from construction works or have large furnishings you need to get out of the house, this is the skip for you. It’ll hold around 80-110 bin bags, making it suitable for huge renovations, clearouts, and commercial projects. 

What Can You Put in a Skip?

Unfortunately, you can’t put everything into a skip. If you’re looking for waste skip hire, make sure you can throw away what you need to. 

Most items can be throw in a skip, so the easiest way to know is by showing what isn’t. Here are typical items that you can’t throw in yours:

  • Asbestos
  • Freezers, fridges, and AC units
  • Medical waste, such as syringes
  • Batteries
  • Any electrical equipment
  • Gas canisters
  • Plasterboard
  • Liquids
  • Any material that’s hazardous or toxic
  • Florescent tubes
  • Tyres

If you do throw something that isn’t allowed into your skip, the items will likely be given back to you, and you might face an extra charge. Make sure you always check what you can and can’t throw away with the company you’re using to avoid this. 

Do You Need a Permit for a Skip?

If you have enough room on private lands, such as on your driveway or in a garden, you can avoid skip permits. This is the best option as it keeps costs to a minimum and helps speed up the process of delivery.

If you’re using an on-road skip though, you will need a permit from your local council. These usually take a few days to sort out and will cost you. You’ll also need a controlled parking zone suspension if you’re putting your skip in a parking space that needs a permit or has yellow lines.

Hire the Skip You Need

Skips are great if you need to get rid of large amounts of rubbish. Just make sure you know what you need before you hire your own.

If you’re interested in skip hire, be sure to contact us at JMS Ground Services. We’ll help match your needs to the right skip, making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.