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5 Reasons Why You Need a Grab Hire for Your Next Build

Grab Hire Wolverhampton

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One of the biggest concerns that you have when working on a new building site and developing properties is determining the best way to handle construction waste removal. 

Often, coordinating rubbish removal is time-consuming, expensive, and requires you to apply for expensive permits. 

Looking for a better solution? 

If so, then now is the time to consider a grab hire. 

Read on to understand the top benefits of using a grab hire on your next project. 

Then, learn where you can go to book grab lorries and other equipment and services that will make your job even easier. 

1. Grab Hires Hold More Waste

Especially if you’re on a site with lots of waste, then a grab lorry hire is the ideal piece of equipment to have onsite. 

A single grab lorry can hold three times the capacity of a single builder skip. 

This helps you to save on additional equipment rental, makes the project physically easier, and only needs about 6m of headroom in order to operate safely on your site. 

So while grab hires are certainly larger than skip hires, they often don’t take up nearly as much space as you might initially expect. 

2. Grab Lorries Can Handle Different Types of Waste

One of the biggest advantages of a grab hire over a skip hire is that it can manage lots of different types of waste — even if it’s especially heavy, bulky, or in hard-to-reach places. 

This means that you can easily reach materials trapped behind fences, walls, or within an abnormal landscape. Not only does this save time, but it also helps to keep everyone much safer onsite and during the excavation process

The flexibility of the grab arm means it can easily handle bricks, concrete/cement, soil, garden waste, much and rubble, aggregate waste, and more general forms of rubbish. 

Plus, it’s the perfect piece of equipment for both commercial and domestic projects. Plus, quality companies provide drop off sites that have been regulated and cleared by the Environmental Agency, which means you can rest easy knowing that disposal is handled professionally and correctly. 

No matter what you need to clear and dispose of, a grab hire is up to the task.

3. They Save You Time

Especially if you’re on a tighter schedule than usual, a grab lorry hire can help you to take care of everything within the allotted time frame. 

First of all, you won’t need to apply for a permit as you would with a skip hire.

Since skip hires often obstruct pedestrian and automobile traffic, using them means adding a few days onto your schedule to secure a permit — and of course, the added expense of the permit itself. 

Choosing a grab hire means that you don’t need to secure a permit. Plus, they’re often much easier to install on a job site, making them especially ideal for shorter projects.  

Above all, grab hires help to speed up the process because you don’t have to worry about adding the extra step of hauling the rubbish to the skip. If you opt for a grab lorry, the arm simply picks up the waste and deposits it directly into the lorry. 

In many cases, you’ll be able to fill up a lorry in as few as 20 minutes. 

Plus, the faster you’re able to clear rubbish off of your site, the easier it is for you to continue with the rest of your project.

4. They’ll Help You Cut Costs

Recent studies show that roughly 80% of construction professionals have experienced a sharp rise in the cost of both labour and raw materials.

We know that you want to do everything possible to keep the costs of your project down to attract more clients and to ensure that you make the profits you need to stay in business. 

Hiring a grab lorry may help you to better manage the cost of your project. 

Remember that not only will you avoid having to pay for a permit, but that you’ll also avoid the extra costs associated with having to hire multiple skips to manage a larger amount of waste. 

Additionally, because of the efficiency of grab hires, you will often be able to rent them for just one trip or day. With skip hires, you’ll often need to pay rental fees for several days or even several weeks. 

Plus, because grab lorries don’t require as much manual labour as skip hires do, you’ll also be able to lower the cost of hiring labourers to haul and break apart waste and other materials. 

5. Grab Lorries Are Multi-Purpose

One final reason why you should consider a grab truck hire? 

Because grab lorries can handle lots of different jobs, only many other pieces of construction equipment. 

This is especially the case if you need to have materials delivered to your construction site. 

Grab lorries are also capable of delivering common raw building materials like gravel, sand, rocks, and much more, meaning that you’ll save both time and money throughout the construction process. 

Ready to Use a Grab Hire in Your Next Project?

We hope this post has helped you to better understand the many advantages of booking a grab hire for your next project. 

When you work with JMS Ground Services, you’ll benefit from our over 20 years of experience, flexible early working hours, and of course, the level of quality our certified operative and experts provide. 

In addition to grab hires, we also can also assist you with excavation, ground works (foundations, driveways, drainage, etc.) and aggregate supply. 

No matter what you’re looking for, let our incredible team make it easy for you to get the level of superior service you deserve. 

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